How to Become a Self-Regulated Learner (SRL)

To get started, it’s critical for a Learner to be Self-Regulated.  Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) is a well established theory in Educational Psychology research & literature.

Self-Regulated Learning is based on a cycle of the phases and subprocesses.  These are briefly described below.

  • Performance Phase – The Learner is intentional in his/her efforts, self-directed and demonstrating self-control / discipline in completing necessary learning tasks.
  • Self-Reflection Phase – The Learner reviews progress towards goals and continually assesses whether he/she has mastered the material.
  • Forethought Phase – The Learner analyzes tasks and sets short-term goals and plans to cover necessary subject matter.  

The cycle illustrated in the image below uses different language but represents the same concepts.

To Become a Self-Regulated Learner, you must exhibit the qualities discussed above.  With respect to your studies and education, you must Plan, Practice, and Evaluate. 

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